Tamatete Gallery, Rome

Twenty people of different ages and different nationalities were interviewed in Milan, Italy in 2003.

Each person was asked a similar set of questions around universal themes: family, love, travel, school, food.

A single narrative was constructed from all the interviews and presented as a nine-screen video installation in the Ta Matete Gallery in Rome.

Director: Dylan Kendle
Producer: Robert Le Quesne
Cameraman: Ugo Carnavaro
Interviewers: Nicole Martinelli, Pier Canei
Editor: Stephania Calatroni

Word Form

My old flatmate from Milan, Nicola Tosic, asked me to take part in an art event, ‘Something New’ that he was organising in October 2009.

Earlier that year, Diana and I adopted our three children from Colombia.

I decided to create a video that juxtaposed words spoken by my father with my adopted son learning to read in Italian. The visual content mixed old Super 8mm film of a setting sun, an After Effects type animation and my attempts to animate using the ‘Processing’ programming language.

As is typical when I attempt to create, I find myself raising more questions than answers.

That said, I cherish the video for providing me with a lasting record of my father’s voice and the child I grew to father. As for my exploits using Processing, the less said about that, the better.

Sensing Speed

While working with Fabio Salvadori at H-Art London, we worked with Maserati on a new online campaign for their Trofeo race.

We wanted to capture different data sources from a Maserati racing car – decibel level, driver heartbeat, speed – and visualise the data using three-dimensional generative graphics.

I invited Field to help us visualise the data. They did not disappoint.