Tamatete Gallery, Rome

Twenty people of different ages and different nationalities were interviewed in Milan, Italy in 2003.

Each person was asked a similar set of questions around universal themes: family, love, travel, school, food.

A single narrative was constructed from all the interviews and presented as a nine-screen video installation in the Ta Matete Gallery in Rome.

Director: Dylan Kendle
Producer: Robert Le Quesne
Cameraman: Ugo Carnavaro
Interviewers: Nicole Martinelli, Pier Canei
Editor: Stephania Calatroni

Smart fixtures using RFID technology

Fixtures enabling people to access information about physical garments that they place on the smart surface, using radio frequency identification (RFID).
An RFID antenna is positioned within the fixture, connected to an RFID reader that is connected to a computer.
Each garment has an RFID tag attached to it that contains a unique identifier.
By placing the garment on the smart surface, the RFID antenna detects the RFID tag. The RFID reader transmits the unique identifier to a digital asset management database (DAM), which displays related product information on the screen of the smart fixture.

Illustration by Quy Sam